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Why Git?

January 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Technical answer

Very often the answer to this question can be provided by highlighting multiple technical advantages of the distributed version control system, such as local repositories, differnt topologies,out of the box DR,efficient branching and merging and other.


An experienced developer could argue that modern centralized version control systems offer backup capability, personal branches in a form of shelves, change set management, labeling and other advanced features. Benefits of the DVCS might not overcome the simplicity and practicality of the centralized version control system. The transition to Git could result in the an increased process complexity and a temporary loss of productivity.

Social aspect of the Git

Developers, engaged into verity of the Open Source projects, have quickly realized that Git is not just a convenient geo accessible repository – it is also a powerful collaboration environment. De facto, Git has become very important social media channel and an idea exchange host for developers. Git mirrors the human thought process branching and provides mechanisms for individual or collaborative memories. “Why Git ?” – DevOps is a collaborative culture and Git fits it perfectly.

Git and Corporation

The transition to Git is very similar to a transition from COTS to DevOps – instead of multiple isolated teams working within closed boundaries, the focus is on the end product and the collaborative contribution to a platform evolution. The goal of adopting the Git culture is to bring Open Source style of development into the corporate environment.

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